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Food Contact Materials Compliance – Holistic Perspectives

Date - Tuesday 8 June 2021 | Online
Time - 1pm BST / 2pm CEST / 8am EDT

1:00pm - Holistic perspectives about how to comply based on the main regulations of Food Contact Materials, including Microplastics and Single Use Plastic (SUP): 
  • Food safety (FCMs regulations)
  • Biocides (BPR)
  • Use of chemicals (REACH)
  • Environment – sustainable packaging. Design & circularity
  • Microplastic & SUP
Dr Alistair Irvine | Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing, Smithers

1:10pm - Holistic Perspectives on Environment and Use of Chemicals (REACH)
Dr Dario Dainelli | Owner & Managing Director , Dario Dainelli-Policy & Regulatory Affairs

1:50pm - Holistic Perspectives on Food safety (FCMs regulations) and Biocides (BPR)
  • The regulatory landscape for biocides in FCMs
  • Treated article or biocidal product?
  • Making public health claims
  • Impact of Brexit
Hazel O'Keeffe | Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP- Belgium

2:30pm - Networking break

2:50pm - Technical Requirements on Testing for a Holistic Approach to FCM Compliance
  • A discussion on Food Safety Regulations
  • Techniques used to test products based on Food Contact Materials regulatory frameworks
  • Overall migration, specific migration, and migration of NIAS
  • Analytical techniques for microplastics characterization and quantification
Dr Malcolm Driffield | Managing Scientist - Food Safety and Food Contact, Exponent International Limited

3:30pm - Chemical Raw Material Compliance – Practical Scope of a Food Contact Paperboard Manufacturer
This presentation will cover Food safety and Use of chemicals issues – few views on REACH but mainly concentrating on wider requirements related to chemicals as raw materials

Helena Moring-Vepsäläinen | Product Safety, Metsä Board

4:10pm - Closing Panel Discussion
Closing Panel Discussion with the speakers of this session
4:40pm - Short Wrap Closing Remarks

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