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Event Overview

About Food Contact Asia

Recognised as the go-to event for the entire food contact value chain, Smithers' Food Contact Asia conference will reture on 7 June 2024 in Singapore and online.

Who are attending:
    • Food safety regulatory institutes
    • Heads of packaging, sustainability, quality, environmental affairs & innovation
    • Brand owners – food & beverage
    • Retailers
    • Packaging manufacturers
    • Converters
    • Law Firms

Join us in 2024 to explore the regulatory landscape and market demand for packaged food and beverage products, and new opportunities for global expansion across all sectors of the food contact materials supply chain. Register now to find out more about the existing policies, new regulations, and efficient methods for monitoring and enforcing these standards.

As Asia grows to become both the largest exporter and consumer of packaging, regulations in the region have become more important and more complex. Some countries like Japan have a well established standard of food contact regulations, others like China are becoming increasingly stringent to make sure consumers are protected. For packaging companies in the region they need to understand both changing local legislation and the regulations in their target market. For those exporting to the region – whether its raw materials or finished products, its essential to understand the local regulatory requirements. As many companies seek growth in the region and as the regulations continue to change, the need for high quality information about current and new legislation is becoming critical.

Packaging materials (especially plastics) migrate into food and drink at very low levels, mostly safe for human consumption. However, its an area of ongoing concern to regulate the type and amount of plastics and other chemicals migrating into food to ensure its safe. This conference focuses on the regulatory issues (deciding on safe levels, which chemicals can and can't be used in which applications) and the technical issues (test methods for identifying migration) and the contextual issues of the packaging industry (supply chain communication) and of course sustainability (eg. recycled materials in food applications).

Who attends Food Contact Asia?

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