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Interview with DeLonghi Group

Ahead of the upcoming Food Contact Asia 2020 conference, we caught up with Sven Wu, Quality Assurance Materials Engineer at De’Longhi Group. He gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation on day two, taking place during our 'Case Studies of FCM in Different Applications on Compliance/Sustainability' session.

Current Industry Focus:

Q. As consumers/end users continually push for more sustainable/greener/safer solutions, what do you think is the biggest concern regarding food contact materials/packaging? 
Sven: The misunderstanding between the consumers and the manufacturers should be the biggest concern, for example, local manufacturers always put "food grade" label on the PC water tanks, but as we know the PC (polycarbonate) is harmful for babies, why the manufacturers is confident to put "food grade" label? because in China there is no clear regulation for the BPA contents.

Q. What are some of the biggest opportunities gaining attention within the food contact field? How has your company chosen to react/adapt to stay on trend? 
Sven: In my opinion the biggest oppotunity is "food contact compliance", not only in a single country/region, but also covering more, because of the internet and information spreading. Our DeLonghi Group has created the food contact compliance guideline for the products and there is a basic requirement set up for a product sold in a single market, and we insist the the basic requirement for food contact safety such as BPA free.      

Future Focus:

Q. What industry topics are getting the most attention at this time? How are these factors influencing the future of food contact packaging/materials?    
Sven: I think the food industry is getting more focus in the present, because we are developing country and the legal construction in still ongoing. The focus on the food industry will probably suddenly shift to the food packaging and the people will be more conscious on the whole field along with the time and economy progressing forward. 

Q. What does your company/organization hope to achieve over the next 5 years with regards to the future of food contact packaging/materials industry?    
Sven: We are on the way and will be continiously focus on the "food conatct safety" and keeping supplying good quality products always.

Q. What opportunities are there for harmonization of food contact regulations in the Asia Pacific region?     
Sven: The wareness of food contact in the crowd for more people and reaction for the unexpected matters.  

Conference Related:

Q. Your presentation at this year’s Food Contact Asia will cover Material food contact safety and Good manufacturing practices - Kitchen appliances. Why is it important for others in your industry to hear this message? What are some of the key take-aways?   
Sven: The kitchen applicance food contact safety will be eventually noticed in one day in the future, this is not easy to monitor because the components are from a long supply chain, so the most important is to improve the complete industry quality. 

Q. Which presentations (what session topic) are you most looking forward to hearing about at Food Contact Asia?   
Sven: What are the big manufacturers doing to control the food contact compliance for packagings? such as the food industry companies and kitchen appliance companies.