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Interview with Danone

   Ahead of this year's Food Contact Asia 2024, we spoke with Nanang Raharjo, Senior Global Specification & Compliance Packaging at Danone, to get a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation on 'Recycled food contact materials in packaging'. Here's what he had to say...

Q1. Hi Nanang, it’s great to have you joining us this year! Can you tell us more about your upcoming presentation at Food Contact Asia 2024?
I will share information on challenges with sustainable and recycled packaging materials.
Main challenge related to sustainable packaging materials is how we can manage to meet functional barrier and regulatory compliance requirements without aluminium foil, as this is commonly used in industry.
For recycled packaging materials the main challenge is how do we manage to use recycled content in infant formula packaging and comply with regulatory requirements.
Q2. What are some of the biggest opportunities gaining attention within the food contact materials and/or packaging industry?
Additives and inks will continue to be a highlight in food contact material assessment because they keep changing to support packaging technology application on the production line and consumer .
Q3. As consumers/end users continually push for more sustainable/greener/safer solutions, what do you think is the biggest concern/challenge regarding food contact materials/packaging?
More sustainable/ greener/ safer are not necessarily compatible. Metal is very necessarily recyclable (sustainable) but not necessarily green (CO2 footprint). Mono-materials with low barrier properties are very recyclable but might lead to more food waste.
Understanding the need of consumers/ end users is still on ongoing process but critical to determine the way forward for food contact packaging materials.
Q4. What do you think will be some of the most interesting advancements or breakthroughs in food contact materials in the near future?
Mono material in flexible packaging
Q5. Which topics(s)/presentation(s) are you most looking forward to hearing about at Food Contact Asia? 
I am interest to see packaging material application in industry and how regulation can follow to support packaging compliance in Asia