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Session 1
Networking break
Coffee & Registration
Introduction & Why Do We Have Food Contact Rules?
EU Framework Regulation & GMP 2023/2006
Session II
US Regulatory Framework – Intro to Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act & Food Additives
EU Plastics Legislation: 10/2011 The Plastics in Contact with Foods Legislation
Session III
The Role of the US CFR – A Big Part of the Story, But Not the Whole Story
EU National Legislation: Paper/Coatings and the Relationship with National Regulations
Networking break
Session IV
US FCNs: Why Do They Get All the Attention?
EU Approval Process for Food Contact Substances
US GRAS and Other FDA Exemption Pathways
Evening Reception
Session V
Morning Refreshments
EU Understanding NIAS and Their Role in Food Contact
Food Contact in the Rest of the World (Asia, Latin America, and Other Notable Regions)
Networking break
Session IV
The Role of Supply Chain Communication in Compliance & EU Considerations
Q&A with Ron Osborn, Mars Wrigley, Principal Scientist - Packaging Compliance
Fundamentals of Product Stewardship
Session VII
US Considerations for Supply Chain Compliance in Light of FSMA and FSVP
Current EU Projects Under Consideration & Future Regulatory Landscape
Networking break
Session VIII
Current FDA Plans & Future Regulatory Landscape
Wrap Up – Preparing Yourself for Current & Future Food Contact Regulations
Closing Remarks