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Start time 1:00pm GMT/ 2:00pm CET/ 8:00am EST

Day One
European Commission Keynote - Evaluation and revision of the EU rules on Food Contact Materials
Official controls on food contact materials – a Member State perspective
Bernard Hegarty, Director of Enforcement Policy, Food Safety Authority of Ireland
What to look for and what to provide in a US FDA food-contact compliance statement
US FDA guidelines for using recycled fiber for direct food contact and the Recycled Paperboard Technical Association’s Comprehensive Program
Cross Sector Group update – Ecorys report, risk assessment, supply chain transparency
Ensuring compliance with the Japanese food contact legislation – the challenges
Chair’s closing remarks
Decernis User Meeting
Close of day one
Day Two
Policy update on plastic and recycled plastic food contact materials
Changing legislation – what is the impact for adhesives in flexible packaging?
Discussion and Q&A
Coatings update - light metal packaging supply chain compliance
Food contact considerations of baby and medical food packaging: a brand owner perspective.
Discussion and closing remarks
Decernis User Meeting
Close of day two
Day Three
Industry’s role in risk assessment of packaging adhesives: Primary Aromatic Amines, Cyclic Esters and Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons
The role of the Swedish Forest Industries in the circular economy
Safe and sustainable lifecycle of food contact paperboards
Closing panel – what are brand owners’ priorities regarding paper and plastics FCM and what do they want their supply chains to focus on next?
Panellists include:
  • Koen Weel, Senior Global Specification Manager Packaging, Danone Specialized Nutrition
  • Dr Lionel Spack, Senior Food Contact Materials Expert NQAC EMENA, Nestle (HQ)
Decernis User Meeting
Close of day three

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